Moon Child – TB

10 Sep

She dreams of

Sandy toes and salty kisses.

The wind it blows,

waves carry her wishes.

Her hopes in a bottle

Sink to the bottom.

Yet she returns to the sea

Hoping he

Will too.

The bottle lifts from the bottom

And drifts further northward.

Scooped out by the fisherman

Who remembers the dreams he had.

Lifting the anchor

He sets out meet her,

Sailing the high seas,

Hoping once more to see her.

Then sailing into the harbour,

He sails into her arms again.

At last.

The stars they shimmer brightly,

They hold each other tightly.

She speaks but quite quietly,

“Stay wild, my moon child”


That must have been some game. I wonder how Thomas Murg was able to score one own goal and another three goals for his team. Unless there were two Thomas Murgs…?

30 Aug

Bye bye – TB

23 Jul

Bye bye
I looked up and kissed the sky
Bye bye.
Bye bye
She looked me in the eye.
Bye bye, I said,
And I kissed the sky bye bye.

School of fish

17 Jul


Don’t ask me why

17 Jul

  I’m walking my star

Ice Cream flake

17 Jul


Egg and mushroom

17 Jul