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Stunning fact of the day

27 Sep



Snow man in Japan

13 Feb

snow man

A friend of mine in Japan sent me a photo of a snowman she had made with her husband. It makes all of mine look a bit silly.

Who needs a World Cup? – Brazil World Cup 2014

11 Feb

A World Cup in Brazil should be a joyous event. After all, it’s the one country that everyone associates with footballing flair.

Unfortunately when you forget the people, their needs, their rights, their health, their education, nothing matters. It may well be the year of the festivals that forgot about the people. We’ve started with Sochi and we’ll continue with The FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Samsara – short film

2 Dec

A short film on what we consume/eat and the process it goes through before it’s in our shops.

Like camping

27 Jun

Not having any hot water for the last two weeks has put me closer to nature.  Although it is freaking annoying to be heating up water in a pan and then showering with a pan, it’s part of the Ukrainian experience.  Apparently they’ve switched off the hot water for 2 weeks then another two weeks to fix it.  That’s the official line anyway.

You sir…

15 Oct

…stand up and take a bow. Felix Baumgartner freefalls from the edge of space and sets a New World Record: 128 000 Ft!

Patriotism (capital P)

4 Oct

Maybe people from the capital are more patriotic. I did a small study today, asking several nationalities about their countries. Those from the capital were more forthcoming with their praise and defended the prestige of their great country. They spoke of the typical food, the past-times and the famous leaders and personalities. Those that weren’t from their capital were not so enthusiastic.

The capital of the country is normally a place where all the action takes place, apart from Prishtina and Zagreb. Those are the only two capitals, Prishtina in particular, where the streets were lifeless. Normally, though, a capital is the political and business hub, and is the place where the tourists flock. London, for example, has to be, by nature, uber-British and take the stereostype to the extreme. The fish and chip eating, pie munching, polite, flag waving, door opening Englishman is a myth that’s perpetuated.