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A fag, a straw and a packet of crisps

10 May

Split realities

6 Mar


23 Feb

You do? – TB

17 Jul

Wearing my judogi,

Don’t judge me.

I’m battling

You just don’t understand me,

you do?

They know no forms of gentleness,

At work,

My fellow judoka,

Ju no kata, no ju kata.

Keep it together.

Ju no ri

But you don’t want to be.

I resign.

Scilence – TB

29 Jun

End the silence or

It’s the end of science

End the silence or

They’ll start the seance.

End the silence.

Let’s end the violence.

This silence,

This fight against science.

The End.

Music for dreams – TB

18 Mar

She writes her music for dreams

Between sunsets and sundowns.

Times in between,

In her days of whys and how,

She destroys

The myths about Albion

scrawled across the pages of Ivanhoe.

Her music is for dreamers,

Silent screamers,

Those they talk down to,

Those simply letdown,

Hidden behind screens,

Not those feted upon stage.

For these dreamers she writes music

Music for dreams,

For dreams they can grow old with.

Lessons for the left

21 Jan