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Regal Riga

9 Feb



On train conversations

9 Aug

On the train to Chopp there was a repetitive motor-mouth on the same carriage. He was annoyingly lecturing a granny on how NATO was terrible for stirring things up in Ukraine and, in particular, how he hated America for denying him a visa to travel there to his dad’s funeral. It turned out that he was a former riot policemen too. He said they should burn all those Maidan protesters. Imagine 15 hours of this rambling, in between sleep of course.

Break out of the grey

11 Feb


You’re beautiful.

Surely not a time machine

11 Feb


After having looked at this device a few times, I still can’t make out what it is. I know what I’d like it to be. Some kind of time machine or experience simulator. It’s in the university yard of Kyiv Mahylo Academy, so it could be some kind of ventilation system or a type of incinerator.

Like camping

27 Jun

Not having any hot water for the last two weeks has put me closer to nature.  Although it is freaking annoying to be heating up water in a pan and then showering with a pan, it’s part of the Ukrainian experience.  Apparently they’ve switched off the hot water for 2 weeks then another two weeks to fix it.  That’s the official line anyway.

Kidd of speed

26 Jun

I’ve just been reading through a hell of an interesting blog that contains photos and an account of a young biker’s adventures in the surrounding areas of Chernobyl.

I admire the originality of the blog, the truthfulness and the dark Ukrainian humour.

It’s amazing to think that villages, towns have been lost in time.  In those surrounding areas, in a 50km radius of Reactor Number 4, the curtain has not yet come down on the Soviet Union.  Lenin may still reign there but nobody remains to legitimise his ideologies.

I think the mystery surrounding Chernobyl fascinates foreigners most of all. Ukrainians are reluctant to talk about it. It’s understandable because the disaster inflicted a lot of pain on the country.  Added to that, radiation is an invisible killer and has a ghostly element to it.

Poetry on a pub

7 May


Manchester,  England.