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Who needs a World Cup? – Brazil World Cup 2014

11 Feb

A World Cup in Brazil should be a joyous event. After all, it’s the one country that everyone associates with footballing flair.

Unfortunately when you forget the people, their needs, their rights, their health, their education, nothing matters. It may well be the year of the festivals that forgot about the people. We’ve started with Sochi and we’ll continue with The FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


Sochi 2014

11 Feb

I love sporting events because they’re great international festival. Unfortunately, they’re allowed to be hijacked by politicians who try to dress up reality and what’s really going on.

Thankfully there are sites that shed a bit more light, because it’s not all roses.


Branding of stadia

14 Dec

I guess you could call the Etihad Staidum the City of Manchester Stadium and you can keep calling St James’s Park by its name but what do you when a new stadium is branded from the beginning? I am totally against the branding of stadia. I find it a shame that the Emirates doesn’t really reflect the identity of Arsenal or that the Britannia takes its name not from the female personification of our island but from a bank. If I was a football commentator, I’d rebel. I’d have to make up names for stadia that had been branded from the beginning. Of course my commentating career would be over before it had already started. There’s a potential, for example, that in the future the Emirates will cease being the Emirates because the airline no longer sees the branding as a viable advertising ventures, as is possible with the Reebok stadium. How ridiculous it will be to suddenly be called something different.

Olympi yipee yeah

4 Aug

During the Olympics you find yourself watching sports you wouldn’t normally. In the past week, I have watched judo, sailing, shooting and rowing. You find yourself getting to know sports enough to be able to forget them by the time the next Olympics comes around. In Judo, for example, I know one of the objectives of the game is to achieve a yuko and you can do this by tipping your opponent on their back. A lot is made of how technical judo is but to me it just looks like wrestling.

Another mystery (one of many for an unlearned watcher of the “lesser sports” – a term coined by no other than Prince William) is why they have a moped to take them around the track five times on the cycling track before they’re allowed to break free. It’s the equivalent of the safety car in formula 1 racing.

Also, after watching the shooting, I think there’s an Olympic sport for everyone. With the exception of the British man, the rest of the field were middle-aged pot-bellied men. I guess seeing someone that’s your shape is enough motivation to get into a sport. On the other hand, it could have the reverse effect. You start thinking that you already look like an Olympian already, so “Why try harder.”

The point of this blog entry was to write about the fascinating sight of Guam’s Ricardo Blas in judo but it took me so long to get to the point, as usual.


25 Jul

“Adrian could be suffering from sweaty fingers.”

The finer details of darts.

London Olympics 2012, the participation of women

19 Jul

I’m looking forward to the Games in many ways. Having experienced the Football European Championships at first hand, I have come to understand that such an event is much more than a sporting event. In essence, it’s a festival that celebrates humanity.

I read in the Guardian that the 2012 Olympics will be the first olympics ever where there’s a 50-50 split between men and women. In Beijing, only 42% of Olympians were women. Of 204 countries and territories representd, three did not send women on religious and cultural grounds, namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei. All of these nations have committed to sending women athletes to these Games. Brunei will send a 400m hurdler, Maziah Mahusin and Qatar will send Nada Arkaji, a swimmer, Bahia al-Hamad, a rifle shooter and Noor al-Malki, a 100m sprinter. Finally for Saudi Arabia, Sarah Attar will compete in the 800m and Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani in the judo competition.

I spoke to someone who dismissed this as propaganda. They said that these countries want to show that women have an equal standing in society. Let’s not get too cynical about this. It’s progress, and who knows, Nada Arkaji could well become a heroine to Qatari women.

women’s tennis

3 Jul

I am just watching Viktoria Azarenka (from Belarus) warming up in the quarter finals against Tamira Paszek. For some reason she doesn’t grunt during warm up but howls like a wolf during the match. How can she justify the grunt? Surely some players are put off by the grunt. It’s the equivalent of someone no being able to sleep because of someone’s snoring.