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Who needs a World Cup? – Brazil World Cup 2014

11 Feb

A World Cup in Brazil should be a joyous event. After all, it’s the one country that everyone associates with footballing flair.

Unfortunately when you forget the people, their needs, their rights, their health, their education, nothing matters. It may well be the year of the festivals that forgot about the people. We’ve started with Sochi and we’ll continue with The FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


Sochi 2014

11 Feb

I love sporting events because they’re great international festival. Unfortunately, they’re allowed to be hijacked by politicians who try to dress up reality and what’s really going on.

Thankfully there are sites that shed a bit more light, because it’s not all roses.


Ian Holloway FA Cup 0-0

6 Jan

Crystal Palace played out a goal-less draw at the weekend. In the post-match press conference Ian Holloway, as colourful as ever, stated:

“I wanted to win or lose. I wasn’t bothered as long as we had a good performance.”

I WANTED TO WIN OR LOSE. Now that’s a man who’s always happy, apart from when he draws.

A word on speaking foreign languages

29 Nov

Just because you are talking with a French accent doesn’t mean that you can speak French. I think Joey Barton has been watching too many episodes of Allo Allo. Maybe he even watched those before he travelled over to France. You can imagine, “I’ll just brush up on my French.”

Having said that, my French friends in Paris always tell me that when I speak English in a French accent they can understand me much easier. It’s all about intonation. From language to language intonation varies. You just have to make sure that whichever nationality you are speaking to doesn’t think your are taking the Michael/extracting the urine.

I have noticed when my dad speaks to a good Irish friend of his, he speaks with an Irish drawl. Maybe it’s because you adjust the way you speak according to who you are speaking to. This theory can applied to accent as well levels of formality.

That’s pants

22 May

The FA has apparently (according to BBC Radio 5) told the England squad, which was recently selected for Euro 2012, to not bring any underwear with them when they travel to the championships.  All underwear will be supplied by Marks and Spencer.

I’d still slip one or two pairs in just in case :).  What if they end up being y-fronts and there’s nothing else to wear for the duration of the  tournament (wishful thinking from me – the whole of the tournament NOT the underwear thought)?

Colin Murray 5 Live

21 May

“Rafa Nadal achieved a straight sex win over Novak Djokovic.”

🙂 He humped to victory, apparently.  Romping away with it!

Roy on Andy

16 May

In his press conference today, Roy Hodgson announced that Andy Carroll was in a “Rich grain of form.”  Was that a slip of the tongue by any chance?  Instead of “rich vein of form”, Hodgson had to brand Carroll with a food analogy.  It really must be pie in the sky to think that he’ll get the golden boot though, eh?