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An Instagram short film – Thomas Julien

16 Feb

I’ve never used Instagram but I like the idea of using Insties’ (that’s what I’ll call them) pictures to make a film and to bring pictures to life. Great music from the Black Keys too.


urban jungle

11 Feb

I spoke to a chap, yesterday, who used to enjoy travelling very much. His challenge was always to top his previous journey.

On one occasion, he found himself at a station in Moscow waiting for a connection. If I am not mistaken, I believe he said it was Kiev station. With several hours to waste, he decided to sit down and people watch.

He saw many people eveywhere. He looked more closely and saw little children running in between the people. They were Roma children, the majority of them bare-footed. They seemed unaware of the people and continued to play in their urban jungle. The people did like-wise, ignoring the little tear-aways. The few that did take notice misinterpreted the game of chasers for pick-pockets.


1 Feb

An inconvenient clarity threatens to penetrate through the curtains, yellowing the white walls of the rooms.  It’s there.  What do I do, then?  Give in of course.  Eyes shut and out.

17 Oct

We were sitting in an exam room, trapped. The only movement one could make was to write, and to compound the misery there was a wasp hovering around. As the invigilator (aka holding officer) I glanced at the students but tracked the wasp’s movements around the room, its buzzing and then its fading. Would it sting anyone?

There was nothing I could do. The wasp didn’t want to be here either. It was being kept against its own will but it didn’t have to play by our rules anyway. It could react if it wanted to.

everything must go

3 Jun

They began selling pieces of mountains and statues. The biggest pieces for the highest bidder. The Sphinx was there in carefully prepared plastic boxes next to glass display cases with pieces of Everest.

Print Crime

7 Apr

Written print suffers a more violent death compared with electronic print. Those wishing to get rid of the written word tear it in two or shred it. They tear it into 8 and shread it too, murderously altering it so it’s not longer recognised. How they must hate. They cremate it along with other things they no longer care for

Electronically, it was never really there. Or it was but it’s swiftly sanitised. V for veritas, V for victory
Do the right thing, disown and delete. At the click of a button.

Use your head

31 Mar

A chap from Pakistan told me a funny story. He said that recently the Pakistani government introduced a law requiring all riders of motorbikes, scooters and mopeds to wear a helmet.

The law was introduced very quickly and people were given around two weeks to comply. This resulted in a rush to the shops to buy a helmet. As a result the shops sold out.

The police, as with any new law, were keen to enforce it. This meant that those without helmets had to think on their feet. So on the road there were many motorcyclists wearing baskets and cooking pots on their heads. And the policeman eagerly waved them on.