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On the tube – TB

21 Jun

On the tube. 

He checked before he left

If he’d laid an egg. 

On the tube. 

She’d held her nose 

Because she didn’t have a peg. 

On the tube

His nose boiled like a kettle. 

On the tube

She understood that they’d met before. 

On the tube 

he stepped over bodies that had been there since yesterday. 

On the tube 

She wondered if she’d ever get away. 

Three Stars – TB

21 Jun

Three stars on her wrist

For all the ones she has kissed

For all the sweethearts she has missed 

For all the pretty boys she’s dissed. 
Three stars on her arm

When she turns her palm

Three stars but not a one

Not a single one

For me. 

Two days late – TB

13 Jun

No wonder I’m late,

This clock is more than two days slow. 

The strain of life is now beginning to show. 

I think you aged during the prolonged wait. 

And now it’s three years that I owe you in unpaid rent. 

I went to bed listening to Bach’s unwritten symphonies. 

I awoke in a stairwell serenaded by a vagrant’s daily miseries. 

But I can claim to have solved one of life’s great mysteries

About why I was two days late. 

Face paint – TB

25 May

See the lady over there, 

She’s dressing her face. 

It’s not to look pretty, 

It’s not for the chase. 

Shadow to the eyes,

Blood red to the lips, 

Powder to the cheeks, 

Iced blue finger tips. 

See the lady over there, 

She’s dressing her face. 

It’s not to look pretty, 

It’s not for the chase. 

It’s not to look pretty, for

She’s preparing for war. 

Gracious sky – TB

23 May

The sunshine has graced us with its radiance. 

The blue sky was glad you could make it. 

The fluffy clouds have invited you to come again. 

So join them when you can. 

Blast – TB

6 May

There’s some spare despair,

In my junkyard of dreams. 

Barbed like wire. 

Because all wire is barbed, right?

Others run free through the fields, 

The minefields. 

It’s a blast. 

Sailing to the sun – TB

23 Apr






Our boat. 

Four heartbeats, 

Four waves, 

Four knots. 


On top

Of the waves. 

2 lovers, 

2 oars, 

4 eternity. 


The sound

Of the sea

Pulsing in our ears


The red glowing sunset ahead, 

We’ll sail on.