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Dreams of destruction – tb

1 Jun


Disappearing – TB

17 May


On the line – TB

12 May

Left it all on the line,

The cows on the line.

Not just one cow.

There’s a herd of cows.

In fact there’s around 50

And they don’t want to move.

Blue vertigo – TB

11 May

The blue inside of you

Is giving me vertigo.

Helplessly falling,

Hopelessly calling,

But you won’t listen.

Far from me.

Far from who I want to be.

And yeh the blue inside of you

Is giving me vertigo.

Tea – TB

8 Apr

I’m thirsty

And this is my first tea

Or maybe my first g & t.

How many g & ts

Before I see the genie?

Another gin,

Another sin,

Another gin,

What do I win?

Out of the way,

I have shoulders

Like boulders

And I’ll chin you.

Horror Scope – TB

11 Mar

My Saturn is a Capricorn

But my Capricorn is in Saturn.

My memories are so distant,

How on earth am I going to map them?

I leave everything to fate,

Though fate doesn’t wait.

She passes me by

And again I’m left asking why

Must i read through many many more scopes of horror

All of which ruin my next tomorrow?

18th – TB

18 Feb


Such a sad scene

My evergreen