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Je suis Charlie

7 Jan




Children of war

27 Nov


Children of the revolution is considered a romantic notion. Children of war is an altogether more somber affair. Ask kids in this country to draw, right now, and they will draw war. These kids are not even in the anti-terrorist zone of operation. War, in many ways, is crippling their creativity. It’s smashing their glass house of harmony. War was that something that was taught at school. They were taught about the Nazi invaders, for instance. And so they use this knowledge to try and understand the current situation.


Empty boots, boots to fill – Euromaidan

11 Nov


Igor Strelkov – Russian elections

4 Aug

“All the “elections” are made in the FAPSI building in the Bolshoy Kiselniy lane (Moscow). How many votes and who voted – makes no difference. A predetermined result is loaded into the ‘GAS-vybory’ system on the computer, which means that the ‘favourites’ are simply unable to get a lower percentage than has been inputted. United Russia must get no less than 60% – and it will get them, even if only Vovan [Vladimir Putin] and Dimon [Dimitry Medvedev] vote. It isn’t important who and how many people will come to vote. Your participation – this is just to show, that you are ready to ‘play by their rules.’ This and this alone is why there is a ‘struggle for voter attendance’ – the voter is convinced (conned) that his vote is important. So that later he can be convinced that he ‘chose the government himself’ and that he is ruled over lawfully.”

No comment – guns

21 Dec

“The only thing that protects us from a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Wayne Lapierre, NRI president.

Melanie Phillips on Obama

21 Sep

Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail.

The media effectively put Obama in the White House by refusing to publish the overwhelming evidence of his extremist background, friends and attitudes. As a result the US elected the first far-left, anti-west, Black Power fellow-traveller – thanks to mainstream media, which today is intent on airbrushing his disastrous record and demonising his opponent.

Sarah Palin

15 Jan