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Bee(n) and gone

27 Feb

Busy as always


I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again – bumbles bees are such wonderful creatures.  On top of the Austrian Alps where nature seemed quite sparce what did I find?  My beloved bumble bee.  What a beautiful creature.


On the edge of the world

27 Feb

On the top of the Austrian Alps you feel so mighty yet so small!


Mountains are such great places – on top of them you’re exposed to all the elements but you are in awe of nature’s structure.  I love it that this picture the couple on the bench are almost over the edge of the world – quite poetic (a word I’m using all too frequently at the moment).

Wanna bee free

9 Feb

Flicking through some of my photos, I long for summer.  Winter’s cool (literally) but I miss my big, fluffy bumble bees.  They are, by far, the funniest of all flying creatures (I also thought I needed a good pic – after two lame camera pics).

Colourful paper butterfly of the night

7 Jun

Froggin summer is here!

11 May
I was gardening whilst my little friends were enjoying the sun! 🙂  Spot the poser and the grumpy one 😛 :).