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We have a dream

9 Sep


18th Century evening prayer

9 Jan



He’s watching

7 Jan


Tommy Edison – Questions for sighted people

12 Dec

I have nothing but admiration for this chap!

Moving too fast

6 Dec

My watch has a funny habit of racing ahead of me. At the end of the day, I usually try to reset it but by the next day it’s already five minutes ahead of me. It’s one of these perpetual motion watches, which means that it is powered by movement. Either I’m moving too fast or just fidgeting too much.



21 Sep


Robins Williams – Come Together

17 Sep

Here’s a rather late tribute to Robin Williams. He was the one comedian that really made me laugh as a child. Mrs Doubtfire and Jumanji are two of the more memorable films for me. It was an amazing gift that he had. He could be a man of 1000 voices and personalities. It’s just sad that such a funny man was haunted by depression and ultimately believed that illness left him with no other option other than to take his own life.

Rest in peace, mate.