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Tweet tweet twitch twitch

13 Jan

Twitching is a new phenomenon that has been gripping the country. More and more people are taking up the hobby of bird-watching. Some people are simply bird-watching in their own garden. Others are going to the park. The most serious twitchers are travelling to different parts of the country, at the drop of a hat, to see species of birds they have not already seen.

They are buying hi-tech equipment and camping gear in the hope that they get a glimpse of an exotic bird that has lost its way en route to a distant country. Thousands of pounds are spent, by individuals, who purchase expensive telescopic lenses. Twitchers also dip in their pockets for top of the range binoculars and the best light-weight tripods.

For some it becomes an obsession rather than a hobby. Partners, of such twitchers, complain that they are left alone on weekends and that they also end up being second best. Twitching is like any other hobby. It depends on the individual and how much he/she is willing to spend in terms of time and money.

Many people love bird watching because it gets them out into the great outdoors. There they are allowed to roam free without any worry in the world. Another such hobby is fishing.

Fishing is accused of being boring by many but it is on the increase. It takes people to canals, lakes, streams and ponds. People have time to think and to reflect, but it does have a competitive edge too. Grown men and women compete to see who can scoop the biggest or the most impressive looking fish.

The message is that it’s great to be out in the fresh air. Whatever you are doing, whether you are fishing, hiking, twitching or shooting – go out and do some outdoor activity


15 Nov

I was speaking to an Eritrean lady, yesterday, and I got worried. At regular intervals she took a sharp intake of breath – I was wondering whether she was having an asthma attack or ‘just’ hyperventilating. Concerned I asked, “Are you ok?” To which I got the “ughuuuuuh.” She was fine.