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Lost souls – TB

18 May

In her eyes it’s sad and wrong,
Lost souls still love.
The freedom that comes from freefall
Stays until you hit the ground.
And then still it is there.
Shameless I’ve been, scene after scene.
Just know that lost souls still love.


The Page Turner (2006) – dir. Denis Dercourt

6 Mar

Mélanie Prouvost, a ten-year-old butcher’s daughter, is a gifted pianist. That is why she and her parents decide that she sit for the Conservatory entrance exam. Although Mélanie is very likely to be admitted, she unfortunately gets distracted by the president of the jury and she fails. Ten years later, Mélanie becomes her page turner, waiting patiently for her revenge.

The film’s central theme is jealous but with it comes admiration, infatuation, anger, love and spite.

A gentle woman – Robert Bresson (dir)

3 Mar

Beautiful. Beautifully tragic.

Free World – ken loach

6 Jul

This is the tragic tale of people trying to improve their lives. This is the tragic story of immigration and exploitation.  Loach, as is usual, explores all the different angles of the debate surrounding illegal immigration. In the story, a woman runs an illegal job agency becomes greedy and sucked into a dark world where she risks everything.

Ich Putin, Ein Portrait

10 Mar

Putin, essentially, appeals to the common man in Russia. Things are black are white and he doesn’t mince his words. He revels in that role of strongman and does everything to foster this image. He appears to care for the whole of Russia and does not hesitate to board a plane to travel to the furthest corners of his country.

There is no doubting, that for Russians, Putin has become somewhat of a cult figure. He enjoys being in the limelight. Being the centre of attention boosts his self-confidence and image. He tries to deflect the attention, from time to time, by saying that all he wants is a strong Russia created by Russians but the legacy of his Putin’s Russia has the potential to be long lasting.

His tough words carry resonance. A phrase that stood out for me was,

“If one policeman is killed by a bandit, then 10 bandits should be killed in return.’

This, for me, says a lot about the man.

Her (2013) – film

29 Jan

I’ve just watched quite a strange one and it’s still in my system, so I’ll try and get it out on here. “Her” is a film where a man begins a relationship with an Operating System (OS) after going through a painful divorce. In one sense, the film provides a vision of the future of the present.

The OS collected information on Theodore from the daily chats she had with him and was able to mirror him, so she became the female him. The system was organised, informed him of his meetings, responded to emails in his inbox and even told him what present to buy for his god-daughter. The OS becomes jealous, possessive and tugs on his heart-strings. She knows so much about Theodore, he can’t afford to let her go and eventually she lets him go. All around him people seem to be having relationships with Operating Systems, which endure and deepen, whilst humans are breaking up with each other after petty arguments.

La belle verte

12 Jan

La Belle Verte (The Green Beautiful) is a French film written, directed by and starring Coline Serreau.

I was surprised to read that the film had been banned in the European Union and Russia. The film raises many issues about how we neglect our planet, fail to look after ourselves are driven by greed and money and find ourselves being unhappy.

I loved the film for its honesty. Please take the time to watch it. It’ll allow you to reconnect with your real self.