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I don’t wear poppies – One Angry Woman

22 Nov

I don’t wear poppies, and this image perfectly encapsulates why –

Trash is for tossers

12 Feb

Trash is for tossers is a blog, written by a young lady from NYC, about how to be less wasteful. 

short story writers

31 Oct

What a great idea it is to feature a mix of authors on a blog.  Check it out!

chick in Kiev

14 Oct

This is a humorous blog, whichI have come across, made by a Canadian girl in Kyiv. She’s taken photos of all the mistranslations that I should have captured and tried to see the funny side of being a Canadian abroad without poking too much fun at Ukraine.


8 Sep


The uncool becomes cool.

Kidd of speed

26 Jun

I’ve just been reading through a hell of an interesting blog that contains photos and an account of a young biker’s adventures in the surrounding areas of Chernobyl.

I admire the originality of the blog, the truthfulness and the dark Ukrainian humour.

It’s amazing to think that villages, towns have been lost in time.  In those surrounding areas, in a 50km radius of Reactor Number 4, the curtain has not yet come down on the Soviet Union.  Lenin may still reign there but nobody remains to legitimise his ideologies.

I think the mystery surrounding Chernobyl fascinates foreigners most of all. Ukrainians are reluctant to talk about it. It’s understandable because the disaster inflicted a lot of pain on the country.  Added to that, radiation is an invisible killer and has a ghostly element to it.


Doodledy hey

29 Apr