Image in – TB

18 Oct

​Beyond the pictures and postcards, 

The lines and the arches, 

There’s a story that’s not going to be told today. 

Through the lyrics and melodies

Little Elodie feels taller than a tower 

Still in the pictures and postcards,  the lines and the arches, 

There’s a story that won’t go away. 


5 Responses to “Image in – TB”

  1. Margaret November 1, 2016 at 5:46 pm #

    We do capture what we want people to see in photos sometimes – and postcards are pretty generic – sometimes with elaboration on the back – but places often due hold hidden significance or sentimentality that only we will know about. Not sure I grasped the true meaning of the poem but that’s what I walk away with…

  2. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) November 1, 2016 at 7:59 pm #

    I sometimes think that true stories are found between the lines.

  3. Marian November 2, 2016 at 10:23 am #

    Interesting… I think this reads like the first verse of a blues song. Sing it!

  4. gillena November 2, 2016 at 8:39 pm #

    Yes often times we have to read between the lines. I do hope i got this right

    much love

  5. hypercryptical November 3, 2016 at 6:37 am #

    Memories in words and images… The lines and images hold, but often the memory fades…
    Anna :o]

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