Kimya Dawson – Islington Assembly Hall

15 Apr


Another one ticked off the bucket list.  A great gig, once the lady herself came on stage.  The support acts were quite lukewarm and did nothing but bore. As soon as Kimya came on stage, she set the place alight.  Her poetry, her wit and her soulful voice shone in equal measures.  She may strum the same three chords but what you hear with your ears is a beautiful melody.  Her lyrics are honest and sincere and she leaves herself vulnerable by sharing her most intimate concerns.  One example was a song that she’d written about a friend with a newborn who’d been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  The friend spends her time worrying about whether she can still accompany her child through life somehow.

Kimya is the Picasso of music.  It seems so easy and simple but it’s really so beautifully complex.  She also recited a poem about police brutality towards Afro-Americans.  The art of protest in art is certainly not dead!


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