Different – TBl

23 Oct

She believes in Le petit Marcel, Cacharel and Donaldson; I believe in Chanel, Fendi and O’Neill. Amen.

She believes you have to give love some time, tick tock, there yet?

I believe love is timeless. Sit and wait. Read some more photography journals.

She believes concepts equal actions and she keeps on believing;

I believe actions equals concepts. 

She believes love can be induced like giving birth and that agony’s unavoidable; 

I believe it is more a natural phenomenon shared by all mamas and mammals. 

She believes wit is enlightening; I believe the enlightenment comes from wit har har.

She believes love is soft like a feather, so you hold onto it very carefully.

I believe it is hard. 

She believes an obsession is funny, I believe it is peculiar, even terrifying like beetles crawling under your skin.

She believes people are great; I believe there are some great people. Not many.

She believes socialism is the cure, I believe the cure is not an end in itself. 

She believes the world is flat and simple like a chapati, without its chawal.

I believe it is purple. She likes dogs, I like elephants.



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