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The farm – TB

2 Mar

South America’s taken a bite out of Africa.
North America is about to charge into Europe.
Russia’s wagging its tail like a fat, angry cat.
There’s too much going on for its liking.
India’s buzzing with a hive of activity
and China’s the swarm coming out of it rapidly.
Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan are all in a slug race.
Their mission is to get to the lettuce leaf, which is Australia.
The South Pole’s a giant goat lying on its back,
Waiting for someone to tickle it.


A writer’s honesty – TB

2 Mar

And the words re scatter
Prior to the exposition on paper.
The true words of the writer
Are only ever experienced on paper.
The words are almost identical,
The difference being paper-thin.
Identical like a pair of shoes, one left, one right.
Having plotted a path on a map of paper,
They walk down the same path very differently.
The words wander across the width of the paper,
Silence is deafening and
Words tear.

Putin. Story of a little man

2 Mar

Putin. Story of a little man: