Footstep – TB

15 Dec


One step
Closely followed by another step.
He’s not tip-toeing along
Though it seems that the one foot
Believes not in the other.
It shadows the other,
But refuses to walk in its footstep.


One Response to “Footstep – TB”

  1. Kenia Santos December 15, 2014 at 2:46 pm #

    I guess I’m just completely happy to learn you also play with your shadow. The world sometimes is too much for me, I feel the need to cave in and explore my mere existence now and then but you really win me over is by being unafraid of the light.

    I promised myself once, that if I ever have children, I will read them this story, ‘Light is like water’, written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez very often.

    The story is part of a twelve short story collection named Strange Pilgrims, it is my favorite.

    It tells two young brothers asked for a boat in return for their excellent perfomance at school and their parents finally bought them the toy row boat, they had this amazing idea to break the light bulbs in their home, let light flow cool as water until it reached a depth of four hand spans and then sail around the house. They took it up as a hobby, and tried to master it every Wednesday, while their parents were away at the movies… and I will leave you a link for it before I spoil the end.

    If it’s broken, please let me know, I’ll find a new link.

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