Children of war

27 Nov


Children of the revolution is considered a romantic notion. Children of war is an altogether more somber affair. Ask kids in this country to draw, right now, and they will draw war. These kids are not even in the anti-terrorist zone of operation. War, in many ways, is crippling their creativity. It’s smashing their glass house of harmony. War was that something that was taught at school. They were taught about the Nazi invaders, for instance. And so they use this knowledge to try and understand the current situation.


One Response to “Children of war”

  1. Kenia Cris November 27, 2014 at 2:05 pm #

    A romantic notion? Really? Who says so must not be acquainted with either Anne Frank’s or Zlata Filipović’s diaries, nor care about the children soldiers in Uganda and Sierra Leone.

    It’s fundamental to implement a Peace Education program in post-conflict contexts (when any attempts to discuss peace prove themselves useless during the conflict) so these children are granted a chance to overcome the horrors of conflicts (no matter what their size is or what we choose to name them, because that’s not determinant of the size of the scars they leave, they seem to be all the same depth and extension in the end) and go back to believing the world is still a nice place; that loving, living, learning and fighting for peace are all worth.

    There are many wonderful resources all over the Internet, I’m gonna leave you with two of my favorite, Unesco’s “learning the way of peace” guide for teachers and TWB Peace!Education!Program guide, which are both terrific reading and very useful resources if you’d still like to help these children go past tanks, barricades and bombs (no matter how little time you have to bring unofficial matters into your classroom, if you all you have is 5 minutes, make them count).

    (I took TWB Peace Education (Online) Course two years ago, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my career as a teacher)

    Kiss. ❤

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