Belive – TB

6 Oct

A tattoo is what she wanted
But she didn’t know what.
It had to be something meaningful
That wouldn’t appear stupid.
It couldn’t be too deep
Cos it would get everyone asking.
Something shallow, wise
And universal, that’s what she wanted.
Her friend had a symbol.
She said it meant happiness.
How did she know it was happiness though?
That was the beauty, said the friend,
To not know what it really meant
Because she was, in fact, still discovering what happiness truly meant.
But universal was what she wanted.
Universal was just easier to believe in.
It was easier to create a truth than to relive one.
She picked up a record that her dad used to play
From a band that found itself in a nineties oasis.
“You’ve got to be yourself, you can’t be no-one else.”
That’s it, that’s me, that’s what I could believe in.
Believe believe, I believe in myself.
She jotted down the words and raced to the parlour
That went by the name of Fat Pig Tattoos.
She handed the note over, with 20 of her finest,
And was all inked up before she’d finished saying she was sure.


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