Levi Tafari – Liverpool

30 Sep

Toxteth where I reside
Come with me yes I’ll be your guide
To the city where I reside
Let’s take a walk
So we can talk
About Liverpool on Merseyside
In the sixties Liverpool
Made its name
It went international
Well crucial
Admired at home and abroad
Everybody wanted to speak Scouse
Liverpool you’re hard
Then the dread times came
And you lost your fame
Pressure hit Liverpool
Now checkout Toxteth my dwelling place
Can you believe your eyes
There are beautiful houses on elegant streets
I know you’ll be surprised
Because the media paint a picture
Of the people in a negative light
They magnified the rundown places
And ignored the ones which are out of sight

So forget the ghetto mentality
Because we are not ghettoites
We are talented people
With a lot to give
The oldest Black community in Europe
And we’re positive
Now I admit in Toxteth
That things they can get rough
But if you lived down here you would overstand
We just don’t get enough
So we need the opportunity
To make a positive contribution
So we can feel good in this neighbourhood
And improve our situation


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