Igor Strelkov – Russian elections

4 Aug

“All the “elections” are made in the FAPSI building in the Bolshoy Kiselniy lane (Moscow). How many votes and who voted – makes no difference. A predetermined result is loaded into the ‘GAS-vybory’ system on the computer, which means that the ‘favourites’ are simply unable to get a lower percentage than has been inputted. United Russia must get no less than 60% – and it will get them, even if only Vovan [Vladimir Putin] and Dimon [Dimitry Medvedev] vote. It isn’t important who and how many people will come to vote. Your participation – this is just to show, that you are ready to ‘play by their rules.’ This and this alone is why there is a ‘struggle for voter attendance’ – the voter is convinced (conned) that his vote is important. So that later he can be convinced that he ‘chose the government himself’ and that he is ruled over lawfully.”


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