You! – TB

27 Jul

There’s always something
To complain about,
Always something
To say about the other.
They don’t know,
They don’t care,
They’re always
So fucking annoying.
It’s always them,
You know them (personally),
Doing my head in.
Asking all the right questions,
Poking and prodding,
Always there with suggestions.
Joining the two of us.
Making it a menage a trois.
With you I lose focus.
Please allow us to be two.
If it’s not already clear,
This complaint is about you.


One Response to “You! – TB”

  1. Kenia Santos December 13, 2014 at 2:36 pm #

    I was looking for another thing when I found this poem of yours. It reminds me of this one I’m leaving here for you to watch. I adore this spoken poet.


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