Physical and mental migration

22 Jul

As people grow up in a society, they are programmed. I suppose you could call it social-engineering. Governments condition us. Governments subtly tell us what to be proud of and also what to fear. We’re clearly flexible and adaptable creatures. We can live in some of the most extreme places on earth, however mindsets are very difficult to alter.

Flexible we are but we have created a definite structure for society. We live our lives, which are governed by rules and doctrines. There is too much black and white not because there has to be but because our life, on the surface, is easier to live in that way. If we grow up being told that someone/something is bad, we build our life around this principle. If someone from outside starts challenge this, we begin feeling threatened. We can’t allow the foundations to our fundamental beliefs to be shaken.


One Response to “Physical and mental migration”

  1. donwreford July 22, 2014 at 11:55 am #

    Those who do not know will not get it, those who know are not able to transfer it?

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