Ukraine hurl out terrorists – Sunday Times – 6-7-14

6 Jul


There is nothing worse than a minority imposing their will on the majority. That has been the case in Eastern Ukraine. Even worse when Russians come into the country to stir things up. Russia has a lot to answer for. Putin, if he in fact is a man of peace (which is highly doubtable, considering his wars in Chechnya, Georgia, Dagestan and support of the use of violence by the Yanukovych regime) he’d reign these Russian nationals in, in the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Russia also needs to stop its vicious campaign of propaganda and allow the people to think clearly. Stop telling people that the Ukrainian government won’t let them speak Russian, when they have spoken Russian very freely since they can remember. Kyiv needs to instil pride in these Eastern regions and increased responsibility. Ukraine needs to show people a new way. This is the time to make the break from the Soviet past. Russia symbolises everything, at the moment, that Ukraine doesn’t want to be. Ukraine needs more transparency, competitiveness, less corruption, more democracy and openness. Reform is not the easy option, nor is it the comfortable option but it’s the right option. It’s the only option that gives Ukraine a fighting chance.


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