Patrick Wolf, Kyiv 5-4-14

6 Apr

I haven’t been to such an emotional gig in a long while. The gig was held at an old factory hall. Apparently these halls were quite common during the Soviet Period. They were like the British equivalent of a working men’s club.

From the outset, Patrick connected the crowd. He stated that he wasn’t doing a tour, he was just playing a date in Kyiv because he was invited to. People brought flowers to the gig. I saw violets, tulips and daffodils. I have never seen such a thing, like people had come to witness a performance at the ballet or theatre. Mid-song, flowers rained on him, and at the end of the song he was showered with rose petals, confetti and glitter (I’d seen urine being thrown mid-song but never flowers) . Wow!

He addressed the audience as Ukraine throughout and spoke of what an honour and a privilege it was to be there, the inspirational but sad scenes at Maidan and as he left the stage he told the crowd to not give up the fight.



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