Life’s treadmill

15 Mar

People are sometimes too predictable. Being erratic certainly isn’t healthy, nor is conforming to expectation.

I sat down yesterday for a birthday drink with a colleague of mine and was greeted by a familiar awkwardness. I’d finished my working week and would have preferred if somebody had surprised me. But instead I was presented with questions from the buffet of life. The same old, “how are you?”, “how was your day?”, “what are you doing at the weekend?” Thank goodness for the two glasses of wine, they sedated me enough to deal with the situation. Shock me, surprise me. That’s what I want.

It may sound harsh but I see those questions as lazy ones. Children are brought up to ask those. They are conversation starters are so called ice-breakers. To me, they are plain lazy. The evening at work petered out with the same old grumbles about the same old person.

Isn’t it a shame?


One Response to “Life’s treadmill”

  1. Kenia Cris March 15, 2014 at 5:36 pm #

    It is a shame, but I’m glad to hear you’re around, making contact with other human beings whose boredom and normality challenge your patience and improve your social skills. It’s been some time I lost touch with such people. That hasn’t made me any better, just weirder to society’s eyes.

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