Synthetic cloud – TB

7 Sep

Full of cloudy subtleties she is.

Meet the polka dot girl,

whose viscose brain has a synthetic mix.

Her velcro heart’s joined to mine like a brick.

And, yes, I’m still hung up like a coat hanger,

While she’s freely swaying

Like some clothes dancer.

My cloud’s tattered at the edges.

Hers dances lightly with the sky,

Encouraging a gentle shower

From which I take shelter

And she fledges yet another arrow.


Ricordi di stranieri

2 Sep

Seen but not heard

2 Sep

Moi – TB

30 Aug

I’m just a figure in the Sky,

Not the wise guy,

The one that watches them…

Go by.

That’s me, the figure in the Sky.

Get it on – TB

18 Aug

Turn your night on,

Get your fight on,

One beer,

Another one,

And another one.

Dear Stella,

Don’t tell her,

I love you,

Another twoooooo


Right, who’s having it?

Le sauvtage du sauvage – TB

26 Jul

Chanting out a melody untune.

Controlled by the influence of the moon.

This flower with anthers introrse,

Controlled by some even less calculable force.

This angel that’s fallen with all stars.

This dove that started the mother of all wars.

But she’s neither a flower, an angel nor a dove

And you can’t apply sense or logic to love.

You do? – TB

17 Jul

Wearing my judogi,

Don’t judge me.

I’m battling

You just don’t understand me,

you do?

They know no forms of gentleness,

At work,

My fellow judoka,

Ju no kata, no ju kata.

Keep it together.

Ju no ri

But you don’t want to be.

I resign.