Rambling egg man – TB

21 Aug

​After finishing every sentence, 

He let out a sigh,

so that the fawns could go back

To their sugar-coated land

Of candyfloss clouds, apple crumble meadows and milk chocolate rivers.

After finishing every hard boiled egg,

He made a hole in the bottom,

So the witches couldn’t use the shell as a boat,

And sail across the wide river,

To kidnap the fairies and demand ransoms from the big crooked giant.


Looking for a…

10 Aug

Isla de encanta – The Pixies

7 Aug

Girl on the escalator – Charles Bukowski

7 Aug

Gritty and real

Nectarine – TB

1 Aug

It was a bright cold day in November

And the clocks were striking thirteen.

At the Western Front, the crowds, they gathered,

To swear in a nectarine.

The nectarine was neither sour or sweet.

In fact, he could be either.

The nectarine said he ruled the market place

Though old kapustniki was his leader.

In his speech under an orange sunshine

He stood and talked a lot.

He talked until yellow moonshine

He talked about what not.

“I am really rich,

Get on great with the blacks

That’s why Celary got schlonged, 

Thank you Harold Hamm, Dana White, Robert Kraft.

I’m loved by all of you.”


18 Jul

Shit, just shit.

Analysis of Chernobyl – FT

18 Jul