The king…

22 Jan

didn’t die on the dunny


Good ole Dave

22 Jan

Do nothing – TB

15 Jan

If tomorrow the rain should stop,

How do we say it rained,

When the puddles dry

And the water drains?

If each of us vanishes into thin air,

Will this land feel any different?

If tomorrow the rain should stop,

And the field lay bare,

What do we say to the woman who asks

Why there’s no rice there?

And if we do nothing,

Does it matter?

And if we did something,

Would it matter a little less or a little more?

I don’t know.

Hey dude

2 Jan

Astronomer – TB

31 Dec

Ask her

And she’ll tell you

She’s an astronomer,

A stargazer,

A cloud catcher,

A woolgatherer.

Untangling the tangled

Complex constellations.

Exploring uncharted

Cerebral crustaceans.

Herding the clouds

Stratus, cumulus and elefantus.

Searching for the Plough

Aquila, Aries and Cygnus.

And she can be gone for days upon



Where she’s gone

She will not tell you,

That I can tell you.

Cat attack

30 Dec

8 phases of the moon – TB

27 Dec

Awareness is now a requirement

Of the modern era.

Fairness is an aspirement for

tears running through mascara.

Fairness is an aspirement for

Ink flowing from a pen.

Awareness is an acquirement

Time and then time again.


Brain soup dish, grab a spoon,

Don’t wait until mid afternoon to

Work out the 8 phases of the moon.