E-males and Fe-mails – TB

15 Mar

Either they’re rushing around or

Staring at nothing,

E-males and Fe-mails

Going about their daily business.

Don’t dare to quiz them

Because it’s normal to

Wish away all of your 9 till 5s,

And then spend the rest of your evening time

On the delayed 17:35 to who knows where, right?

And then home at last,

They plug themselves into the socket,

Several hours allotted to

Netflix and chill,

The Facebook windmill,

Sandwiched with a filling

Of losing the will.

Love modern life,

We love it right?

Modern life,

We love it right?


Next generation: Eco punks

15 Mar

6 Mar

Split realities

6 Mar

Signed for

23 Feb


23 Feb

Downstream – TB

10 Feb

Water creatures accept you as one of their own.

As you get in, breathe in and out and then let go.

Arms stretched, legs kicking,

Down the river you go.

Downstream drift past the otter,

Legs kicking, just flow.