Days in between – TB

15 Jun

Two days earlier or five days after,

The difference between

Many more tears and half an hour of laughter.

A fag, a straw and a packet of crisps

10 May

All day rain

9 May

Worth the inconvenience – TB

8 Apr

In convincing someone,

You so often end up

Inconveniencing someone.


In the way,


In the rain.


The train of people going by.

Disruption for a few minutes

Could get someone to think again.

Disruptions for a few hours

Produces howls

But when it’s about the environment and

the air we breathe, then

Maybe it’s worth the inconvenience.

We are we – TB

30 Mar

Fearful of losing their seats,

Instead they’re losing the streets.

People now scared,

It’s manifested through their resentments.

We the people’re fighting each other,

individuals see their investments GROW.

A bad dream maybe

Because we are we

Remain or leave,

But they want us to disbelieve

In democracy

So they’re free to fleece

Every last little piece

Of our dig-ni-ty.

Just Peace

30 Mar

no borders, no Brexit, just peace

Vive “le” France

30 Mar