Democracy – TB

22 Oct


Dem mock us, you see.

We had our vote,

Now drink your democraptea.


Dem become crass, you see.

They don’t represent us,

represent you,

represent me.


Dem narcotics.

Drunk and confused

On populist rhetoric.

Feel used, after power’s been abused.

Politicians, that’s dem all you see.


Pherfect – TB

18 Oct

The perfect canvas.

The perfect manners.

The perfect dress and

The perfect shoes meet

The perfect voice,

Which, always greets.

The perfect hair.

The perfect stare.

The perfect brain,

Always perfect, even in the rain.

And she only dates the most perfect boys.

Dieplomacy – TB

15 Oct

Let’s make peace,

After I’ve bombed

And burnt,

Killed and maimed

Left your country in pieces,

Let’s make peace.

Let’s talk

After I’ve

Persecuted you,

Imprisoned you,

Beaten you,

And beaten you some more

So you spoke my language.

Now let’s talk.

Let’s trade,

Let me raid,


Ransack your country

And then let’s trade.

Great Shitton – TB

14 Oct



Missed breakfast,

Woke up to Brexit.

March is here,

But May’s no longer.


Got to try much harder.

“Great” Britain,

Fallen into bits and

Swept up and sold off as spares

To whoever will have it.


23 Sep

Synthetic cloud – TB

7 Sep

Full of cloudy subtleties she is.

Meet the polka dot girl,

whose viscose brain has a synthetic mix.

Her velcro heart’s joined to mine like a brick.

And, yes, I’m still hung up like a coat hanger,

While she’s freely swaying

Like some clothes dancer.

My cloud’s tattered at the edges.

Hers dances lightly with the sky,

Encouraging a gentle shower

From which I take shelter

And she fledges yet another arrow.

Ricordi di stranieri

2 Sep