tourerist – TB

19 Jan

Tourist, you’re a terrorist.

Our government is the errorist

for letting you in.

You scream and then you fall down.

You take your clothes off and

walk around town.

You vomit everywhere

AND you’re unruly.

You deserve a hard one in the goolies

from Juan , Pablo and Julia Ferngully.

Tourist, you are the terrorist.

Go home.

This is Only a Test (full movie)

22 Dec

The tests of life

Street sqwarkers

22 Dec

In Cricklewood 

urban walkabout – TB

16 Dec

Chased by a crisp packet.
Danced with a leaf.
Left the house without my life jacket.
Got robbed of my belief.
Was outstared by a housecat,
then tripped by a can.
Got whistled at by a brown rat,
all before my day even began.


Dashing words

16 Dec

The Adventures of Benny & Roo | Julia Vellutini

14 Dec

Brilliantly crap

I see you 

10 Dec

London face