Music for dreams – TB

18 Mar

She writes her music for dreams

Between sunsets and sundowns.

Times in between,

In her days of whys and how,

She destroys

The myths about Albion

scrawled across the pages of Ivanhoe.

Her music is for dreamers,

Silent screamers,

Those they talk down to,

Those simply letdown,

Hidden behind screens,

Not those feted upon stage.

For these dreamers she writes music

Music for dreams,

For dreams they can grow old with.


Horror Scope – TB

11 Mar

My Saturn is a Capricorn

But my Capricorn is in Saturn.

My memories are so distant,

How on earth am I going to map them?

I leave everything to fate,

Though fate doesn’t wait.

She passes me by

And again I’m left asking why

Must i read through many many more scopes of horror

All of which ruin my next tomorrow?


11 Mar

Face in the dark

4 Mar

18th – TB

18 Feb


Such a sad scene

My evergreen

Sweet nothings – TB

31 Jan

All around me,

Everywhere I turn,

People wave,

People hug,

People whisper sweet nothings.

But the goodbyes won’t stop, will they?

Until it’s us saying them too.

Cry – TB

27 Jan

Playful eyes sometimes cry,

They sometimes cry,

Don’t ask me why.