Life’s a Bitch

21 Sep

And the cycle 🚴 continues. 

Tiger in a tuxedo – TB

16 Sep

Smoother than a tiger in a tuxedo

All alone with his libido.

Smooth sailing over land, over sea,

He meets his tsunami.

She bowls him over in an instant.

He becomes a blubbering infant.

Now, how many tears can this ocean hold?

Why’s the water unclear and so cold?

This sinking ship is worth sinking,

The wavering sea is now blinking.

Washed up on the shore.

Once more he feels sure, he’s 

smoother than a tiger in a tuxedo

Until again she starts to blow.



9 Sep


We have a dream

9 Sep

Rambling egg man – TB

21 Aug

​After finishing every sentence, 

He let out a sigh,

so that the fawns could go back

To their sugar-coated land

Of candyfloss clouds, apple crumble meadows and milk chocolate rivers.

After finishing every hard boiled egg,

He made a hole in the bottom,

So the witches couldn’t use the shell as a boat,

And sail across the wide river,

To kidnap the fairies and demand ransoms from the big crooked giant.


Looking for a…

10 Aug

Isla de encanta – The Pixies

7 Aug